Monday, February 16, 2009

Revolution Grandma

I was standing in line at the local supermarket during a break from work and had the inevitable "old lady congestion" problem. This is where you're 2 or three people back in the Express lane and the kindly grandmother-type is at the front of the line, carefully counting her change to buy smokes and a lottery ticket. It takes more than 2-3 minutes, and usually, the awful ageist, impatient beast in me is silently howling to HURRY THE FUCK UP (and learn to use the ATM!)... but then something in me today ceased for a second. What if she's actually more adaptable to the current economic situation because she's the only practicing "Cash and Carry" consumer? The "greatest" generation pretty much knew where their paycheck was at all times and whether or not they were approaching the red. I figure their survival skills are probably a lot more in tune with living within your means (and not your credit) than we've ever known. Maybe I should switch financial advisors?

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