Monday, November 17, 2008


Again - alot of memes from this weekend's protest march on prop8. Questions of numbers and people and what will happen next. It was good to see large sized crowds (*pictures could not capture how many people were there), but then again the 'bubble effect' - urban areas where people are committed and passionate more about civil rights than say in the hinterlands where the votes came from.
In some twisted irony however, Focus on Family had to lay off a few people. I'm sure there is some religious conspiracy theories that we're causing it, no doubt.
My own conspiracy theories about gay marriage are biological: that only the strong get married, regardless of orientation, so it's probably best to support them. But for me personally - I'm wondering if any solid form of monogamy will take hold at some point (or will I just spinster away like i'm doing now... wandering around my 2 bedroom condo and thinking of getting a pet to fill some void and inevitably die alone)... I wanted to make a sign that made a nod to "lifelong bachelor" or some joke, saying that the #'s of unmarrieds are falsely disproportionate, like the moniker meant a century ago.

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