Thursday, February 28, 2008

Total Tilda

By the way, a few days late, but can I say how awesome it is seeing Tilda Swinton getting the oscar for Best Supporting Actress? I still haven't seen Michael Clayton, so my gushing is purely based on character and the fact that she's got such an amazing, underutilized presence in cinema. I've been a Tilda fan since watching Derek Jarman's Carravagio way back in the 80's. Her character was in the background as a poor, peasant wife who transforms into a femme fatale in a homoerotic love triangle. She was more than just a film muse for Jarman, she helped him in many ways which helped her support many film projects of her own... Seeing her win was like having one of your favorite underrated bands suddenly recognized in a good way (and not used to sell products of some kind)... It's like watching the smart kid make good. Heck, Gawker couldn't find anything mean to say about her, so just goes to show that America is not necessarily falling into cynicism and illiteracy yet...

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