Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was in Ballard last night with my friend Will. We tried the best kept secret 'Coppergate' - a cute little resteraunt/bar in the 64th block of Ballard, tucked away in one of the more sleepy blocks. They feature a nautical theme with nudie pictures (*and somehow the theme works in a very irreverent way). The food was awesome Norski fare (as if my people knew to finally throw a spice or two into a dish) and an amazing assortment of Aquavidt. We later tried to get into the Mamie/Awesome show at the Tractor, but it was sold out (along with most of Old Town Ballard. It's no longer the sleepy, quaint block... It looks more like Capitol Hill with drunk het's n' hipsters swaggering between bars...) In any case -- I'm off to get my locks cut off today by Eug'. No more looking like an old fisherman... [Update, 2/21 - the times just reported that the Ballard Denny's was saved as a historic landmark. This comes as a big suck-it to developers wanting to de-colorize the area as much as possible and encourage more traffic gridlock. Heh-hah.]

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