Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Paula called me with a 102 fever tonight. We tried to find a dial-a-nurse option, but no love. I found an entry on what to do with a fever (is it feed a fever/starve a cold or vice versa? Turns out it doesn't matter)... but i guess it goes to show that noone wants to put themselves out there and offer medical advice lest someone takes it and sues for malpractice. In any case - here's hoping she's better by tomorrow... In the meantime, I'm sick with something else at the moment. Work is crazy, holidays are jampacked, but I am immune to that. I am sick for something else and ache with want. And I won't get it... and I'll just have to be numb. What a lovely way to burn...

In the meantime, happy hanukkah.

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