Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Privvy and Conf

So, this whole Lott said, Benjamin Said debaucle makes the tired, ironic joke of closeted scary repub's even more tired and more ironic (see a graph with an X axis of "Tired" and another one being "Irony" and this is trending almost 6 points in a single direction). It's like the joke that's being told and you just start to feel bad for someone... But, let's step back and think about this from a first amendment kind of dealio. I don't like Mr Lott more than the next gay, but I appreciate the PR handling by the escort. Looking at this from a business standpoint - someone's secrets, no matter how antithetical to their position, should be just that. The vitriol that fuels this erosion of personal/private information is the same that causes governments to try to pull customer records and data ... I'm no log cabiner, but I do think the rabid glee that gays get is shorting us from the larger picutre and fight. We should take down the opponents with acceptance and maybe some reverance for when they expose themselves.

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