Monday, March 14, 2005



This post by Momus and ensuing thread is the most interesting I've read to date on the whole Michael Jackson affair. If you step back from the creepiness and lurid details, you do see the ultimate post-modern sense of urgency to have him "normalized" in any sense (guilty or not guilty - american's can't deal w/any ambiguity).

What's even more compelling (although a no brainer) is the parallel one of the posters makes to Matthew Barney's Cremaster series. Apparently at a talk, Barney himself said that in the "Cremaster series, Michael Jackson is fully actualized"... Of course! That makes sense - the literal testicular drop hasn't happened for him - he's the castrati-freak of the hour, between sexes, race, and even age.

Unfortunately, consequences of creating a monster you get everyone becoming more monstrous in the hunt for the monster itself... Or maybe the Frankenstien reference is too bold, but it could wind up as a cautionary story for people who try to step outside of race, age, gender through money and plastic surgery. Kate Bornstien rallied behind the idea of a multiplicity of genders - this idea might come under attack...

Still - I guess the antagonism lends itself to such fun pastimes as "Escape from Neverland".

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