Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Voice of the Beehive

I am having my life controlled by a deadly scourge... Yellowjackets have made a nest in my kitchen porthole and are looking to expand their empire into my already roasting apartment. The queen wants my open mouth for her throne while her drones go off and bully the other insects and people trying to keep cool. I want to buy pesticide and be very environmentally unfriendly. Yes, I want to kill some of God's precious little critters that are actually not doing me any harm yet. They just repulse me. If you look at the hive - you will see their pelvises rocking back and forth in an effort to mate or do something terrible. Very shades of Matthew Barney cremaster 2. Ewww.

However, let's skip those pesky bee's. I am sooo excited - I just got my friend Anna Oxygen's CD in the mail from Amazon!! Aside from being hella talented as well as my fave New Wave Mary Poppins by way of Neneh Cherry, this grrls gonna be a star - so grab em now!! ....

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