Monday, April 21, 2003

Voice like Honey

The only woman who sends shivers down my spine with her rendition of "I Loves You Porgy" passed away today at 70.

We shall miss you Nina Simone.

In the meantime - it's time to play:

What's Worse

Being stuck in Cancun with the icky coeds of priveledge or having to pay money to watch them on the big screen. Yes, I think I am truly going to be sick - they are filming a reality movie about guys and girls on break south of the border. If this were documentary - there would be those telling moments where these plastic people would break down on camera or witness some lifetime defeate and wince, blush or make the filmmaker turn off the camera. None of that will happen. These are people impermeable to real life and irony; they know how to act on television and show the crocodile crying jag for the last 4 minutes. They are not your real friends. They will never be your real friends no matter how much you identify with them. No matter how much they try to identify themselves as regular people. They are not regular people. They are industry. If you ever see any of them in normal social contexts outside of show biz, you should start yelling at them violently. Piggy, watch out - Seattle has your back.

In the meantime - you should catch this bootleg of the major media manipulator herself - Madonna, who's said to start re-tooling her anti-war video, American Life. Here's the original video in all it's shameless provacative glory... Hmmm, I seriously don't know what all the fuss is about - it's more fashionista than sandinista...

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