Tuesday, March 25, 2003


Everyone is queasy and wary of what will happen next. We're not fearful of what others might do - although it's alwyas a constant thought - but what we're about to do to ourselves and our civil liberties. Why no one has stood up and said "If you tolerate this today, your children will surely suffer" is disheartening and sad. Well I did. I faxed my state congrebots and told them I really don't approve of cutting taxes to pay for this mess. $74.4 billion is obscene and insulting, even if you were crazy enough to think this war was a good idea. If you have a moment, fax your congressperson and tell them this just aint right, And you can too...
Yet - maybe we'll need all the money once our foriegn cred slides and no one wants to eat big Macs and shop at Gap anymore. Guess living in America - you often feel like you are working at the bad fastfood resteraunt with poor management. People hate you, throw paint at your windows in global protest, and you can't say anything because the mgt might fire you... (Btw - Picture above by the late Mr David Wojnarowicz, someone who understood what stifling speech meant and how many lives it cost in the battle to find a cure for aids.)

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