Monday, November 11, 2002

And while i'm kinda ill and hackin up a lung, I give you the latest of Alt-Country bitch-slaps.. This one at a recent Ryan Adams show... Ryan Adams' response to a fan who shouted out for Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69" -- Adams screaming, demanding the house lights be turned on, identifying the offender, paying him $30 as a refund for his ticket and refusing to play until the guy left the hall -- even made it into Time. But not the response of songwriter Robbie Fulks, on his Web site: "Any reader on this site who attends a Ryan Adams show and disrupts the show with a Bryan Adams song request will receive in return merchandise" -- T-shirts and autographed CDs -- "of his or her choice equal to the cost of the ticket, from my online store ... please provide the date and location of the show, what you yelled, and what Ryan's reaction was."
While I hate the idea of organized heckling, Adams should be able to contain his silly ire and the audience member the old fashioned way: Have your Hell's Angel bouncers discretely find the offending party and beat the living crap out of them. Still, it is kinda funny to yell "Cut's Like A knife" during the prima donna's big serious alt-co set... Sheesh.

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