Sunday, June 02, 2002

I finally ditched the wiener-dog and decided to throw good taste out of the window along with any HTML skill, used Yahoo's chinzy page-builder to assemble my homepage... Don't laugh, it's seriously tacky looking (ala 1995) because I'm bad at HTML, have just a free editor (that has the usefullness of riding a unicycle on I-5), and page-builder at least helped me get this up... The hope is in about a few weeks (months) i'll buy Macromedia or Go2 or something that can make this look a bit more high-design minded... This is, for all intensive purposes a skeleton (or essentially a geo-cities page. Sigh.) Expect the blog to move here when that happens as well...
In any case, the Sunday NYT magazine featured an interesting article on a case of 9/11 hysteria among girls, featuring Sheridan (where I think my mother's relatives live. I'll have to ask them...) An interesting, if not comic yet tragic look at how stress manifests itself in us all (not just 10 yr old girls), among other social influences (esp w.r.t popularity: "You got anthrax and I didn't" actually some of the root cause)... I loved the students thinking it might have had to do with the really old books from 1962!

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