Friday, April 19, 2002

Whooo... After my prerequisite 3x jack and cokes, I am understandably tipsy. In any case, spent the night out on the town w/Ian, Pam and Kuznitz. Toying with the possibility of getting one of the vacant apartments in Ian's building. The price is low enough and the fact it's back up on 15th is such a draw... There's a few other perks. The drawbacks - well, the noise, traffic, etc. Also - that 15th is now the official hotspot is somewhat daunting. As someone who was on 15th during the quiet years - it's a bit disconcerting to seeing your old strip turn into sexy overnight, teeming with hipsters paying outrageous rents leftover from the boom years.
In any case - as I am probably going to miss Ian terribly, getting an apartment in his building might just be too weird.

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