Monday, March 14, 2011

Shaken Faith

The world cracks open and breaks our hearts - Japan's quake keeps the horrors on refresh as things go from bad to worse.  I am not wanting to post much frivolity lately, and while I should be focusing on career aspects, I just can't for some reason.   Visiting there in the early oughties, I was a huge fan of the culture and people, and found them to be very calm in the chaotic world stage of wars and famine.  I see pictures I can't post and videos I just do not want to watch (like 9/11), it's not our porn to obsess over.
I hear - but do not at all want to venture online to corroborate - that a governer of Japan said the quake was a just punishment from God.   I am sickened to think this might be true - and even more sickened that our side will come up with way worse (the Pat Robinsons and Phelps clans should be ignored at this point).
I thus think we need to give back some how that doesn't involve a paypal account and unseen transaction.  There's an uneasy, arrogant feeling in the house that 'we could be next' -  and time is generated/wasted on considering those possibilities and blogging.   Why can't that energy be harvested to help the situation?  
Sorry - guess I'm feeling rather heavy at the moment.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


EVB has a lovely interview with Portland/via New York transplant Holcombe Waller. I love this man - he's like equal parts Laurie Anderson and Elliot Smith (*yeah, bad analogy - but the visuals and quiet impact of the work is what i'm trying to convey) and he's the only one I've seen nail Brel's "Ces Gens La" with such awesome presence and staging.
In any case - this video for "Bored of Memory" is a beautiful sumptuous visual of a sandbar (maybe in the Columbia?) that shows 2 cute guys falling in love.   Video is here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jessie J: Master's Tools, See House, Dismantle? Err?

Interesting single that's apparently a huge hit in the UK, but here - not so much. What's the problem here? Is it the aggro-girl sweat or perhaps the threat of when the goods get together? (Or is it that Jessie J is the co-author of Party in the USA?)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder

Only Polly Jean Harvey can deliver on an autoharp and a prayer. I agree w/Patti Smith - that song does make you happy to be alive. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My LA Montage

State of MY union:  I just need three things in life: love, love and love...  that and a killer soundtrack with a John Hugh's like teenage 80's abandon to dance around in a slow Santa Monica surf Bruce Weber inspired montage.  
Oh - if was all this gleeful and inspiring, we'd have healthcare figured out by now.  See the new video by the awesome, sexy Patrick Wolfe after the jump (*and go to his website to download free tracks).   {Post Courtesy of World of Wonder}

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lust and Landfill...

One of my New Year's Resolves have been to chuck a good half of my wardrobe.   You know - the trendy, unwearable reminders of the oughties (and creeping back in vogue 90's)...

Trouble is... Where does it go?

Photo by Christian Boltanski

Monday, January 03, 2011

One-One: Remake, Remodel

Baby Shoes and Briefcase
Ok - So, I'm at the 10-year mark for the blog, which is pretty amazing considering that i've kept anything going that long (job, notwithstanding). Trouble is -uhmm, err.  I can't really prove it.  See - the first few entries have gone awol... I could have sworn I had a list of resolutions from pre-9/11 that were so shiny and reflective of the naughty oughties (you know, the post-election ennui that we had Dubya and crew, but not quite the forthcoming angst of 9/11 and the tech-bubble burst). I seem to recall most were not surprising and very cliched (beginning of my gym-obsession and to fit into overpriced denim. Oh, that and a constant need for recognition/meaning). Secondly, I did have fits and starts - so I can't technically tell you that I'm at 10 years - but I could be, well a few months shy? Oh well.   So, I'll not do any big fan-fair (not that I have any fans. I guess I do what every blogger has done for the last decade - self-sustain.)  So - no starlight parades, innaugural address or blingy banners to tell you that I've been blogging for way too long. 
To that end, what am I going to do for 2011 + this decade? Well - get a new job and career for starters. I've got to get some more professional blogging under my belt before I can start to enhance my - ahem - side projects. That said, you can expect some changes on my old, trusty website. (I've already made it more business like). Will this be business like? No - I'll still keep it to varied and strange interests, uninformed rants and eclectic nostalgia that only I could think was interesting.
In the meantime - to show you I'll remain true to my school - I just discovered this awesomeness of this animator. Check out this Recent profile on WENDY VAINITY in DIS Magazine. She's awesome in her unrelenting use of technology and persona - maybe this is the direction i need to go this next decade.