Monday, March 14, 2011

Shaken Faith

The world cracks open and breaks our hearts - Japan's quake keeps the horrors on refresh as things go from bad to worse.  I am not wanting to post much frivolity lately, and while I should be focusing on career aspects, I just can't for some reason.   Visiting there in the early oughties, I was a huge fan of the culture and people, and found them to be very calm in the chaotic world stage of wars and famine.  I see pictures I can't post and videos I just do not want to watch (like 9/11), it's not our porn to obsess over.
I hear - but do not at all want to venture online to corroborate - that a governer of Japan said the quake was a just punishment from God.   I am sickened to think this might be true - and even more sickened that our side will come up with way worse (the Pat Robinsons and Phelps clans should be ignored at this point).
I thus think we need to give back some how that doesn't involve a paypal account and unseen transaction.  There's an uneasy, arrogant feeling in the house that 'we could be next' -  and time is generated/wasted on considering those possibilities and blogging.   Why can't that energy be harvested to help the situation?  
Sorry - guess I'm feeling rather heavy at the moment.

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